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Best Pantry Storage Containers for Food Storage and Leftovers

BEST PANTRY STORAGE CONTAINERSStorage containers are essential accessories in any kitchen. They provide added storage space for various types of food and cooking ingredients, and they keep everything well-organized. The best pantry storage containers can even be used for leftovers, and even for storing non-food items such as crafts items and office supplies.

In this guide we’ll take a look at some of the best choices you can make when looking for a pantry storage contain to buy. We’ll also learn about the various types pantry storage containers in the buying guide.

Even though they are very simple accessories for your kitchen, I’m sure you’d come away with far more knowledge than you’d expect.

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Best Glass Pantry Storage Containers to Buy

Budget Glass Containers

Razab 24 Piece Set
Razab 24 Piece Set

It can be difficult to find quality glass storage containers in the budget range, but the Razab 24-piece set definitely delivers.

The 24 pieces consist of 12 high-quality container-and-lid combos, each of which provides tight and reliable seals. Only BPA-free materials are used in their construction, ensuring a safe and odor-free solution to your storage needs.

Apart from the lids, the containers are microwaveable and oven-safe to temperatures of up to 500° F. They can even be used for storing food in the freezer or pantry, where you can expect the contents to stay fresh for long periods.


Glasslock 18 piece set
Glasslock 18 piece set

For a bit more money, you could upgrade to the Glasslock 18 piece set, which provides excellent value. Consisting of 18-pieces, this set provides more than enough storage capacity for most kitchens.

The containers in the Glasslock set are made from totally safe and inert materials. They won’t give your food any unwanted flavors or smells, and they don’t retain food odor either. The seals are exceptionally tight, and the entire set is attractive enough to use as display containers on your countertop or table.

Premium Value Glass Containers

Bayco 16-piece set
Bayco 16-piece set

Our pick for premium glass storage containers is the Bayco 16-piece set, which delivers excellent quality and performance. Unless you are planning on storing bags and bags of flour, sugar, or rice, these should have more than enough storage capacity for your needs.

The Bayco containers (without the lids) can withstand temperatures of up to 700° F, so you can safely use them in the oven without fear of cracking or breaking. They are, in effect, all-in-one food preparation and storage solutions that can be used for baking, serving, and even long-term freezer storage.

Even though we included it in the ‘premium’ category, the Bayco set is actually a very reasonably-priced package that provides excellent value for your money.

Best Plastic Pantry Storage Container

Budget Plastic Containers

Simply Gourmet airtight containers
Simply Gourmet airtight containers

The Simply Gourmet set of airtight food storage containers is easily our top pick in the budget range of plastic storage containers. With a look and design that gives it a much more elegant appearance than its price would suggest, these containers deliver outstanding value.

Like the best storage containers, these are made from BPA-free material, so you don’t have to worry about chemical flavors and odors leaching into your food. The containers are rugged enough to withstand regular use, and the lids are strong and durable as well.

The lids have a pretty unique design, with a lever that pushes air out and locks freshness in. With the Simply Gourmet set, your food stays fresh and tasty for longer periods.

Our pick for medium-priced storage containers is the OXO Good Grips set, which consists of five high-quality containers. Fitted with an ingenious POP lid, these containers ensure that your food is as fresh and palatable as when you stored it.

The OXO pieces are remarkably space-efficient, with their slim design taking up very little counter or pantry space. They are also made of BPA-free plastic, so you can rest assured knowing that your food won’t be picking up any odd tastes or smells.

Premium Value Plastic Containers

ProKeeper set by Progressive
ProKeeper set from Progressive

The top-of-the-line ProKeeper set from Progressive is easily our top choice in the premium category. A part of the Prepworks line of quality kitchen equipment, this set delivers superb quality at surprisingly low cost. Premium quality has never been so affordable, and you would be hard-pressed to find comparable quality and functionality in this price range.

The ProKeeper set consists of six pieces, each of which is designed for a specific food item. You could just as easily use each to store other ingredients if you wish. But the included tools make them especially useful for the items for which they are intended.

If the above choices do not suit your fancy, take a look at the full list below where we cover every container we could find that is worthy buying.

Top Pantry Storage Containers

Glass: Budget Friendly Options

Royal Glass Food Storage Containers – 18-Piece Set

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This 18-piece set from Royal Glass is made from borosilicate glass, which is known for its strength and durability. It comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with rectangular as well as circular storage containers. This gives you plenty of options for stacking and maximizing space in your pantry.

Each container comes with a clip-lock lid fitted with a silicon seal. This ensures that any food you store stays fresh and tasty for longer periods. The individual pieces are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is quick and easy. They can also be used in a microwave, provided you take the lids off first.


  • Various sizes and shapes for easy stacking and convenient storage
  • Seals are tight and secure
  • Lids can be unlatched easily


  • Lids aren’t microware safe.
  • Lids have to be put on a certain way

User impressions

Users of Royal Glass Food Storage Containers like the way the lids fit securely. The silicone seal combined with the four latched ears seem to do a good job of keeping the contents fresh. They are also easy to unlatch, which isn’t always the case with containers that have tight-fitting lids.

That being said, some users did mention the need to put the lids on a certain way in order to ensure a secure fit. There have also been reports about the rubber seals coming off, although most users didn’t seem to experience this problem.


These storage containers are popular choices for good reason. They come in a good range of shapes and sizes, and the lids are as tight and secure as they come. For the price they are going for, you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal.

Razab 24 Piece Glass Food Storage Containers w/Airtight Lids

Razab 24 Piece Set
Razab 24 Piece Set

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This Razab set offers a staggering array of storage containers to fit every need. With 12 individual containers in the set, you pretty much have a complete solution for storing any type of food or produce in your fridge or pantry.

Razab kitchenware is known for their durability and functionality, and this set is no exception. The 24 pieces comprise 12 food storage containers made of high-quality BPA-free glass, each of which has a snug-fitting lid. They come in rectangular, square, and round shapes, so they will fit neatly into your pantry or fridge without taking up too much space.


  • Can be used in the fridge, freezer, microwave, or pantry
  • Oven-safe up to 500°F
  • Variety of different shapes provided


  • All the containers are fairly small
  • Lids aren’t oven or microwave-safe

User impressions

Versatility and range is what won over most users of this Razab set. With 12 individual containers available, many found that they are able to store a surprisingly large amount of food.

Users found the Razabs versatile enough to be used as fridge and pantry storage containers, and they even handle freezing temperatures without issues. Some users were disappointed to find that they aren’t oven-safe, although they can be used in the microwave with the lids off.

Some of the most frequent common complaints have to do with the small sizes of the containers. None of the containers are what could be termed ‘large’, although the good number of pieces in the set somewhat make up for their modest capacities.


The Razab set looks good, works great, and you get a pretty versatile set for the money. Although it would have been nice to have one or two larger containers, the Razab set is still excellent value for the money.

Home Basics 4 Piece Square Glass Canisters with Stainless Steel Airtight Screw On Lid

Home Basics 4 Piece Square Glass Canisters

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Home Basics’ 4-piece set provides a small but serviceable selection of storage containers that should suffice for those with fairly modest needs. Each of the four square glass jars comes with a screw-on stainless steel lid that keeps the contents fresh.

The clear glass jars have an attractive look and form that makes them perfectly suited for use as display containers. In fact, these really are better suited for countertop use, where you can show them off instead of hiding them away in the pantry. You could even use them as containers for non-food items, such as crafts and office supplies, and most anything else that comes to mind.


  • Blend of classic and modern design
  • Wide mouths for easy access
  • Can be used as display containers as well


  • Lids aren’t exactly airtight
  • Fit isn’t consistent

User impressions

Users looking for a set of storage containers consisting of only a few pieces seem very pleased with the Home Basics set. The jars are quite roomy, and although there are only four provided, they can hold a surprising amount of items between them.

Users aren’t limited to food items either. Some actually use these for craft items and small office supplies. For this purpose, they do a pretty good job of keeping everything organized but easily accessible.

The wide mouths also scored points with many users. And because they are so affordable, most users could easily afford to purchase more sets for added storage capacity.


The Home Basics 4-piece set doesn’t come with as many containers as other sets. Nevertheless, they can hold a good amount of food and nonfood items, and the wide mouths greatly add to their usability.

Glass: Medium Price Options

Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set

Glasslock 18 piece set

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The Glasslock set provides a sizable selection of storage containers that should be more than enough for any household need. An 18-piece set consisting of microwave and oven-safe containers, it comes in shapes ranging from square to rectangular to round, each in different sizes.

The individual pieces come with airtight and leak-proof lids that greatly add to their functionality. The recyclable material is BPA-free, and stores most any type of food safely.

The Glasslock containers are made from a combination of silica soda ash, limestone, and other natural ingredients. They don’t retain any odors no matter what you place in them, and they can even handle subfreezing temperatures.


  • A versatile and attractive-looking set
  • Very tight seals
  • Premium quality and performance at surprisingly low cost


  • Seals can be a bit too tight

User impressions

The Glasslock set appeals to users that don’t mind paying a little bit more for flawless performance and quality. Many have actually shifted over to these after using plastic containers for years, and they couldn’t be happier with the quality and performance.

The fact that the lids are so tight also made these a favorite in households that always end up with too much food after meals. They can be used for storing leftovers in the fridge, and for storing dry goods in the pantry.

One criticism about the Glasslock set is that the seals can sometimes be too effective. Hot food stored in the containers tends to form a vacuum, which could make the lids difficult to open.


The Glasslock set is a great step up from budget storage containers. Premium quality has never been this affordable, and the variety of containers included makes this a must for budget-savvy shoppers.

Razab Extra Large & Assorted sizes Glass Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids 10 Pc

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If you’ve found most storage containers to be too small for your needs, this set might just be perfect for you. From Razab, this set comes with a variety of small and standard-sized containers that will probably get the most use in your kitchen. But for those times when you need a bit more storage space, the extra-large containers will definitely come in handy.

Five containers are provided in the set, each of which has its own snug-fitting lid. Ranging from the smallest 18 oz. container to the largest 74 oz. container, the set gives you a pretty good amount of storage space between five vessels.


  • Glass is thicker than most other containers
  • Lids stay on very securely
  • Good-sized containers for most uses


  • Advertised capacity isn’t quite accurate
  • Can chip if not stacked properly

User impressions

The Razab 10-piece set appeals to people that don’t necessarily need 10 to 20 individual containers, but who need adequate storage space nevertheless. This set is actually a pretty good compromise for most users, providing all the storage capacity they need with just a few pieces.

One issue is that the measurements aren’t exactly accurate. A few users found that the 72 oz. container actually holds only about 65 oz. at most.

The seals are remarkably tight, as many users have reported. One user actually flipped a full container over and shook it vigorously without any leakage whatsoever. Users also found the glass to be thicker than most other comparable products.


The Razab 10-piece set a great choice for those that need to store a lot of items but don’t want to deal with too many containers. The range of sizes makes this set versatile enough for a variety of uses.

Brabantia Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers

Brabantia Stackable Glass Food Storage Containers

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These stackable glass jars from Brabantia have a simple yet elegant design that will fit nicely in any kitchen. Clean and spare lines give them a decidedly modern feel, and the clear glass lets you see what’s inside at a glance.

The set includes three glass containers in 10 oz., 20 oz, and 34 oz. sizes. They come with color-coded lids–light gray, light mint, and dark mint–so you could devote each to a specific type of food item.

The containers look impressive enough to display on your kitchen counter. But they are also heat-resistant and microwaveable, so you could get a lot more use out of them than from your typical display jars.


  • Attractive, modern design
  • Microwaveable and heat-resistant glass
  • Color-coded lids for convenience


  • Lids aren’t airtight
  • Glass is a bit thin

User impressions

Most users that purchased this set were initially drawn to the containers’ classy and modernistic appearance. Although microwaveable and heat-resistant, many users found the individual pieces beautiful enough to use solely as display jars.

Users also like the convenience of being able to stack these jars together, which makes them take up even less space than they already do. The lids also seem to handle dishwashers very well, and they remain tight and snug-fitting without being too hard to open.


These jars are about as nice-looking as you could get for the price. More than just display containers, they can be popped in the microwave without risk of breakage. We definitely recommend these if you are looking for functional storage containers that are nice to look at as well.

Glass: Premium Options

Bayco 16 Piece Glass Food Storage Containers

Bayco 16-piece set

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From Bayco comes this 16-piece set of glass storage containers that offer premium quality without the high price tag. Durable, versatile, and attractive, they can handle pretty much any type of use.

The containers are oven safe to temperatures of up to 700°F. Take the lids off, and you can safely pop them in the oven and microwave without any worries. You could in fact prepare a casserole, bake it in the oven, and use the container as a serving dish. Afterwards, you can simply cover it up with the lid and place it in the freezer for safe and convenient storage.


  • Microwaveable and oven-safe to 700° F
  • Can be used as serving dishes and freezer storage
  • Snap-locking lids provide a secure seal


  • Seal can sometimes pop off

User impressions

The Bayco containers are proven to be resilient to regular heavy use, holding up well to dishwashing and microwaving. Some users do find the glass to be a bit thin, but it is actually pretty durable and resistant to staining and cracking.

The seals do a generally good job of keeping the contents fresh, although there have been reports of seals popping out on occasion.

Unlike other plastic lids, these can actually be washed in a dishwasher. However, you do have to safeguard against prolonged exposure to high temperatures, which could cause them to warp.


The Bayco 16-piece set isn’t the most expensive set in our premium selection, but it definitely measures up to even the highest-priced options. Durable, practical, and attractive, these glass containers prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get premium quality kitchen accessories.

Anchor Hocking (4 Pack) 48 Ounce Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids

Anchor Hocking 4 pack bamboo lid food storage container

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The Anchor Hocking 4-piece set is perfectly suited for those that value aesthetics as much as functionality. These glass jars definitely make a memorable visual statement, with the minimalist square canisters matched by elegant bamboo lids. They will look great on your countertop or pantry, and you can use them for a variety of food and nonfood items.

The lids provide a tight and secure seal, keeping food fresh and tasty. They are also indented, so they can be stacked to take up little space. The glass canisters have wide mouths that make them easy to fill, and you could easily reach deep inside to access the contents as well.


  • Wide mouths for easy access
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Seals are nice and tight


  • Can’t be used for cooking, heating, or freezer storage
  • Packing leaves a bit to be desired

User impressions

As expected, the appearance of these jars is what appeals to users the most. Although they will fit neatly into even small pantries, many users prefer to display them on their counters.

For those that do opt to place the jars in their pantries, the indented lids make these a great choice. The jars themselves are fairly compact to begin with, especially given their generous capacity. But being able to stack them up neatly makes them take up even less space.

The tightness of the lids was also a pleasant surprise for many users. Although some mentioned having to use two hands to remove them, this is generally seen as a positive trait by most.


The Anchor Hocking jars are a bit pricey, but you do get a very attractive looking set for the price. While you can’t use them for anything other than storage, they might just be worth the cost if you value good looks as well as functionality.

Balchy 5-Piece Canisters Sets

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These 5-piece canisters by Balchy may seem pretty much like any stylish storage containers. But they have features that make them just a bit better than your average kitchen storage solution. Each of the five handsome canisters has an equally attractive lid that perfectly preserves the contents. The jars themselves are made of borosilicate glass, which gives them the strength and durability to handle most any use.

The lids utilize a push-button vacuum system that effectively seals food items and prevents moisture from entering. After filling it up with the food of your choice, simply place the lid on and push down on the top to force out the air. Another push is all that is needed to secure the seal.


  • Secure vacuum sealing system
  • Generous capacity
  • Makes for an attractive storage solution


  • Seals aren’t airtight

User impressions

The main draw of the Balchy 5-piece set is the generous storage capacity provided. Most of the containers get plenty of use in the typical kitchen. But some users prefer to have slightly smaller containers in place of the largest one, which is really only suitable for pasta.

The lids generally do a good job of preserving the contents, and the push button vacuum seal is a nice touch. However, some users found that this feature isn’t quite as effective as it seems in practice. One user reports seepage with finer ingredients such as flour and sugar when the jar is tilted.


The Balchy 5-piece set is an absolutely stunning collection of glass jars that anyone would be proud to display in the kitchen. The seals aren’t exactly airtight however, which might make them better suited for storing non-perishable ingredients.

Plastic: Budget Friendly Options

Simply Gourmet Airtight Food Storage Containers

Simply Gourmet set of airtight

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Simply Gourmet’s airtight food storage containers might be priced in the budget range, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell by their appearance. An attractive set consisting of seven containers, these are excellent additions to any kitchen and make for perfect gifts as well.

The Simply Gourmet set is designed for durability and long-life. From the BPA-free plastic containers to the lever-equipped lids, these pieces deliver consistently reliable performance.

The levers are essential to the effectiveness of the Simply Gourmet jars. They lock the freshness in and prevent moisture from entering, prolonging the quality of the contents.


  • High-quality containers and lids
  • Lever-equipped lids effectively lock freshness in
  • Has engraved measurements


  • Containers are a bit smaller than pictured

User impressions

Users of the Simply Gourmet containers find them to be very well made and durable. Some have even compared them with more popular brands, and found that these provide similar quality at a much lower price.

The lids are among the features that users like the most. The lever pushes out air from the jar, keeping the contents fresh for much longer periods. This is actually a pretty effective system, and many users found them easy to use and easy to clean as well.

Some users did complain about the containers being smaller than pictured. Even so, they provide sufficient storage space for most uses.


The Simply Gourmet containers aren’t just acceptable quality for the price. They could easily cost many items as much and still provide excellent value. The secure seal provided by the lever-equipped lids make them essential accessories for any kitchen.

Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 6 Pieces

Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers

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Vtopmart provides everything you could want in a set of storage containers. Simple, functional, and durable, they have the equivalent performance of containers costing considerably more. The combination of high-quality food grade plastic and silicone gives it the ability to withstand fairly heavy use, and they can be just as useful for microwaving as they are for freezer storage.

Vtopmart claims that these containers provide 100% leak-proof sealing. They keep freshness in and moisture out, so they can be used for any food item that you want to store for long periods.


  • Made of thick and strong plastic
  • Lids lock securely yet are easy to remove
  • Stacks together neatly


  • May give foods a plastic odor
  • A bit smaller than expected

User impressions

The Vtopmart containers are a little smaller than they seem in the pictures, but that actually works out for most users. They are a lot easier to fit into a smaller space, and they take up even less room because they are stackable.

Some users checked out a few different containers before settling on these. For these users, the symmetrical shape and the durability of the material were the most compelling selling points.

A number of users did find that food stored in these containers picked up a plastic odor. Keeping food in the original packages and then placing them in the containers usually solved this problem.


The Vtopmart set ticks most boxes. Strong, durable, and attractive, they can also be stacked neatly to take up very little space. Keep in mind however, that they may give foods a plastic smell, so you might want to consider other options.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container

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The Rubbermaid Brilliance line of food storage containers guarantees 100% leak-proof performance in a pretty classy and elegant 14-piece set. They offer premium quality at an affordable price, and still manage to uphold Rubbermaid’s legacy of providing quality home and kitchen solutions that won’t break the bank.

Like the best containers, the individual pieces in the Brilliance set can be stacked for convenient storage. Between the seven containers, you can store a good amount of food without taking up too much space in your fridge or pantry.

The lids are fitted with latches that further ensure an airtight seal. And with full transparency all around, you never have to wonder what you have stored inside.


  • Seals tightly shut with the latches down
  • Generously sized containers with an extra-large one included


  • Can’t handle prolonged microwaving

Users that were already familiar with the traditional Rubbermaid quality are generally satisfied with the Brilliance set. The materials and construction were of decent quality all throughout, and the lids provided a secure seal as promised.

Unlike many other storage containers that are billed as having a tight seal, the lids of these are quite easy to put on and take off. Users also like the vent holes that facilitate heating in a microwave oven. These holes are blocked off when the latches are snapped shut, preventing the contents from spilling out.


Rubbermaid is known for its excellent value, and the Brilliance line is no different. An attractive looking set that delivers on its promise of 100% leak-proof performance, this is a budget-priced option that is well worth the modest price tag.

Plastic: Medium Price Options

OXO Good Grips 5-Piece Airtight Food Storage POP Container

OXO Good Grips 5-Piece

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OXO’s Good Grips set aim to provide a space-efficient storage solution for your kitchen. They are stackable and compact, so they provide a good amount of storage without taking up too space on your countertop or pantry.

The containers come with a unique sealing system that pushes air out by way of a lid button. Simply push the button in to seal the container securely, keeping all the freshness of your food locked in. The same button also serves as a lid handle when popped up.

The containers are made from BPA-free plastic, ensuring the integrity of your food. Apart from being functional, these containers are also attractive enough to serve as display jars for food and other items.


  • Very effective push-button sealing system
  • Generous storage capacity
  • Reasonable price for a luxury set


  • A bit pricier than similar items

User impressions

The very effective sealing properties of this set immediately made them appealing to most users. OXO is known for its airtight seals and the Good Grips line doesn’t disappoint. Despite being a bit gimmicky, users actually found the push-button POP system remarkably effective for locking freshness in.

Some users would have preferred to have more of the smaller containers in the set instead of the two larger ones, which were useful only for pasta. Even so, the five containers provide adequate storage capacity between them. They stack every well too, which is always a plus.


Although the Good Grips just manages to squeeze into the mid-priced range of food storage containers, they are a bit pricier than most comparable alternatives. But if quality construction and effective sealing are essential, you could consider the money well spent.

10-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Set by Dragonn

Dragonn 10-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container

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From Dragonn comes this 10-piece set of containers that deliver superb space-efficiency and generous storage capacity. They come in a range of sizes, so you have enough space to store most any type of food item or ingredient that you need ready access to. These can even serve as containers for crafts and office supplies, and you can see what is in each container at a glance.

The containers come with stackable lids that further reduce their footprint, so they won’t take up much room in your pantry. They also make excellent display cases due to their attractive yet functional design.


  • Nice-looking set suitable for use as display containers
  • Tight and secure seals


  • Lid handles tend to break easily
  • A bit pricey

User impressions

Users of the Dragonn set were immediately impressed with the design of these containers. Most people seem to leave them on their countertops instead of tucking them away in a pantry, which makes sense given their simple yet classy appearance.

The seals on the lids are remarkably tight too, which as many users found keeps food fresh for much longer periods. Those that have tried other plastic containers noted how much more efficient the seals on these were, which are especially effective at keeping pests out of flour and sugar.

Some users have mentioned a tendency for the lid handles to break. If not for this issue, the Dragonn set would have ranked higher in this roundup.


The Dragonn set is a pretty impressive set of containers that unfortunately suffer from somewhat flimsy lid handles. For the price they are going for, users should be able to expect more robust construction.

Chef’s Path Large Food Storage Containers

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Chef’s Path bucks the trend in tall storage containers by providing a set of rectangular containers that provide easy access to the contents and abundant storage capacities. BPA-free plastic is used in the construction of these containers, ensuring safe and odor-free storage for any type of food item or ingredient.

From the largest 4.3 liter container to the smallest 1.8 liter units, these provide more than enough space for most kitchen storage duties. Those that need a high-capacity storage solution in an affordable set need look no further than the Chef’s Path containers.


  • Good amount of storage space
  • Both containers and lids are dishwasher-safe


  • Not every space-efficient
  • Gives off a plastic smell on first use

User impressions

The Chef’s Path set is perfectly suited for users that always end up with a lot of leftovers. More than just storage containers for flour, sugar, and other dry ingredients, these have proven to be especially useful for storing cooked food for the long-term.

These containers are low and wide as opposed to tall and narrow, which might make them a bit less space-efficient than comparable alternatives. Nevertheless, the generous storage capacity definitely scores points with many users, and the easy access to the contents is another plus.

Some users noticed a plastic odor when first opening the containers. This went away after first washing in most cases, and they were able to store a variety of food items without further issues.


The Chef’s Path set offers a good amount of storage space in an affordably-priced package. If maximum capacity is what you are looking for, these will definitely fill the need.

Plastic: Premium Value Options

Prepworks by Progressive 6-Piece ProKeeper Set

Prepworks by Progressive 6-Piece ProKeeper Set

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Progressive’s ProKeeper set is undoubtedly at the top of its class. A 6-piece set of high quality, it has a unique sealing system that ensures airtight storage of any type of food or ingredient.

The modern and elegant design offers a mere hint of the functionality of these units. They are attractive enough to use as display containers for countertop use, yet they are just as effective at keeping food fresh and palatable in your fridge or pantry.

The individual containers are actually designed to hold specific types of ingredients, with tools included for specific purposes. Easy access to the contents and built-in stainless steel hinges give these containers superb functionality in the kitchen.


  • Very effective lid sealing system
  • Individual containers are designed for specific food items
  • Flawless quality


  • Somewhat pricy
  • User impressions

User Impressions

Users that have very specific needs for storage containers found these to be remarkably useful and effective. The lids do a great job of keeping food items fresh, and the stainless steel hinges are an especially nice touch.

Those that use storage containers for active kitchen duty especially like the handy tools that are include with each unit. These accessories make the ProKeeper containers a lot more useful than similar products, yet they can just as easily be used for storing away ingredients for later use.


The Progressive Prepworks set is admittedly a bit pricy, but the quality and functionality is undeniable. If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a supremely versatile and functional set of containers, they may just fit the bill.

15-Piece Set Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set

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From Equinox International, this huge selection of containers provides everything you probably need to keep your food fresh and easily accessible. 15 containers are provided in the Royal set, which between them could store enough food for weeks. From the smallest mini container to the largest 2.3 liter container, each of the pieces will find plenty of use in the typical kitchen.

The Royal set isn’t just for storing dry ingredients. You could just as easily use them for liquids, thanks to the unique lid-locking system. This pushes the air out of the container, effectively providing an air-tight seal.


  • A gorgeous set of containers
  • Unique lid-lock mechanism
  • Suitable for storing liquids


  • Openings are quite narrow
  • Expensive

User impressions

Users that value space efficiency above all else love how little real estate these take up in the pantry or on the counter. They can be stacked together to take up even less space, providing plenty of storage with a remarkably small footprint.

Of course, the tall, rectangular design isn’t without its compromises. Many users find the openings way too narrow for easy access to the contents, and a long-handled scooper is often necessary to get to the bottom. For those that don’t mind pouring contents out instead of scooping them, this isn’t a dealbreaker by any means.


This 15-piece set isn’t for everyone. The narrow form that makes the pieces very space efficient also tends to get in the way of easy access to the contents. If that isn’t an issue for you, these might be a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Large set (20 containers) from Shazo

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Shazo has clearly pulled out all the stops in providing a staggering array of containers that should provide more than enough storage space for any need. The set consists of 20 containers of varying heights and storage capacities, all with a slim and rectangular form for minimal space requirements.

The containers are made from BPA-free food grade plastic, so you can store any type of food or ingredient without any worries about odor or harmful chemicals. The material is remarkably strong and durable, and can safely be cleaned in a dishwasher.


  • Huge set of containers provided
  • Very space-efficient
  • Lids are interchangeable


  • Openings are very narrow
  • Some of the containers are too small for practical kitchen use

User impressions

The Shazo set is clearly intended for those that need as much storage capacity as possible. The set doesn’t disappoint in that regard, with most users appreciating how much they can hold in a small footprint.

Users especially like the dual function lids, which come with openings for both draining and pouring. They provide a nice and tight seal for most purposes, and they have the further advantage of being interchangeable between the different containers.

Some users did find the containers to be too narrow to allow for scooping. Some also found the smaller containers to be less-than-useful for regular kitchen use, preferring to have a few more large containers instead.


Few container sets offer as many individual pieces as the Shazo set. Some of the smaller containers may not be that useful in the kitchen, but the larger ones do offer plenty of storage space.

Buying Guide – How to Select the Best Pantry Storage Containers


When purchasing storage containers, you basically have two choices in material: plastic and glass.

Each has its benefits and drawbacks, although either type could be just as useful in your kitchen.

plastic containers
Plastic Food Storage Containers

Plastic containers come in a few different varieties. You could generally tell what type of plastic is used based on the appearance. Polycarbonate plastic is clear and totally transparent, while polypropylene plastic is usually translucent. White plastic containers are probably made of polyethylene.

Containers made of polypropylene and polyethylene are usually BPA-free, which eliminates the health risks associated with the use of plastic for food storage. Containers marked with a 1, 2, 4, or 5 are safe for use as food containers. It would be best to avoid containers marked with a ‘7’, as this indicates BPA content.

Plastic containers are generally lighter than glass containers and they are less likely to break or shatter. They are therefore better suited for traveling or outdoor use. They do tend to retain food odors when used for long-term storage, and they aren’t always microwave-safe.

Glass food containers
Glass Food Storage Containers

Glass containers are generally more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but there are a number of good reasons to use them for food storage. Pyrex or borosilicate containers are designed to handle high temperatures, so you could safely pop them in a microwave or oven for heating and cooking.

Glass containers are admittedly prone to breaking and chipping, but they can be quite durable if you exercise caution when using them. Short of dropping them on a concrete floor, the best glass containers can withstand some pretty heavy usage.

Size and shape

You should make sure that the containers you buy provide adequate storage space. Storage capacity needs vary from person to person, but you generally want to be able to store a good amount of food items that you will need for cooking, baking, and general food preparation.

Consider the size of the opening as well. For dry food items such as flour, sugar, and rice, you will need a sufficient storage space to hold the contents of fairly large bags. But you will also need a wide mouth that allows you to scoop out the contents easily. This helps you avoid having to wrestle with a larger and heavy jar in order to pour out the contents.

The shape of your containers is also an important factor, and not just in terms of space requirements. Round containers tend to take up more space than rectangular containers, but they actually allow foods to cool down quicker. They also promote better air circulation, which may be important for some types of food.

Other features

Airtight lids are essential for pantry storage of dry goods such as rice and flour. A good tight seal will keep the contents fresh for longer, and will prevent bugs and other insects from getting in as well. Some of the best storage containers have spill-resistant lids that make them suitable for storing liquids and sauces.

You might also want to look into containers that have graduations engraved into the sides. This will help you quickly determine if you have enough of a particular ingredient on hand, and will help you in measuring out specific amounts as well.


Finally, consider how stackable your containers are. Some containers have recessed lids that enable you to stack them up safely so they take up less counter or pantry space. This also helps keep your kitchen tidy and minimizes clutter.

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  1. kitchengazette says:

    Having the stackable containers can help you save some space in your kitchen. It also makes things pretty easy to manage as well.

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