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Best Food Processor for Dough Kneading

Decen Best food processor for dough kneadingThe idea of using a food processor to knead dough might seem a bit unusual, but it actually makes perfect sense.

Ask any bread maker around, and he or she will likely tell you that dough kneading is one of the most difficult and tedious aspects of making bread.

With a good food processor however, the task not only becomes easier and more manageable, but possibly even enjoyable as well.

Of course, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a food processor, particularly if you plan on using it for dough. Before you proceed to our list of best food processors for dough kneading, we encourage you to read this next section first.

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How to Choose a Food Processor for Kneading Dough

So you’ve decided to invest in a food processor for kneading dough. And there may be good reasons for this. If, for instance, you wanted to buy a food processor to do multiple tasks, dough needing should be one of them. And since these food processors could be used for multiple food processing tasks, you can rest assured that dough kneading would be one of them.

Now, in purchasing a food processor that can knead dough, you might want to be aware of a few dough-kneading basics.

What you need to know about dough kneading

Without getting too deep into the science behind it all, you should know that much of the form and texture of bread is due to gluten. This is the collective term for the protein strands that result from kneading flour into dough.

As important as gluten is, you can have too much of a good thing. Over-kneading results in excessive gluten formation, resulting in tough, dense bread with less volume than desired.

What does this have to do with food processors?

Considering that most modern food processors are equipped with powerful motors, it is quite easy to actually knead the dough too much. This not only results in the excessive production of gluten, but could actually shred the gluten strands as well, thereby reducing the bread’s elasticity.

Furthermore, the heat produced by the cutting mechanism could actually kill the yeast present in the dough. This could prevent the dough from rising, which again results in dense and unappealing bread.

When shopping for a food processor therefore, there are a few qualities that you should look for.

There should be an onboard “pulse” control that lets you knead the dough in short bursts. This helps you avoid over kneading and shredding the gluten strands that have already formed.

Secondly, you should be able to operate the motor at a speed sufficient to mix the ingredients thoroughly, without over-kneading or overheating the dough. Hit on this magic combination and you get all the benefits that a food processor provides, with none of the drawbacks.

What’s the Best Food Processor for Dough Kneading?

At this point, it should be clear that–despite some limitations–food processors may actually be useful for dough kneading.

Bearing in mind the few caveats mentioned previously, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of food processors that you will find helpful for dough preparation.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY for dough kneadingFor the best food processor for dough kneading, we chose the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY. This particular model is finished smartly in gleaming stainless steel, and has a slick and modern appearance. If you are looking for a classy food processor that is as elegant as it is stylish, you need look no further than this beauty.

But looks alone aren’t the main reason why the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY made it into our hallowed top spot. It also boasts of features that make it an excellent choice for kneading and various other tasks. Among these are the generously-sized work bowl and the nicely oversized feed tube.

The bowl itself is worthy of note. Its 14-cup capacity is more than sufficient for even a good-sized batch of dough, and you have enough room to knead and shape it without making a mess.

But power is really the test of a food processor as far as its ability to knead dough is concerned. With its impressive 720-watt motor, the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY proves that it is more than up to the challenge of kneading even the most viscous dough into submission. Matched with the trademark Cuisinart durability, the stainless steel blades and the small and large pushers leave no doubt that this is one machine that will be invaluable for dough kneading and other tasks.

Hamilton Beach 70725A for dough kneadingOur budget pick is an almost equally impressive model. The Hamilton Beach 70725A for dough kneading costs less than a third of the price of the Cuisinart, but it is capable of surprisingly effective and efficient performance. Its 12-cup capacity can handle a sizeable amount of dough as well, and it also comes with a large feed tube–the aptly-named Big Mouth.

The 70725A’s 450-watt motor isn’t quite as powerful as the Cuisinart’s, so don’t expect comparable performance. The Hamilton Beach will struggle a bit with densely packed dough, since it’s more of food processor that can knead dough when you need to. So it can knead pizza dough with hardly any stress and strain on the motor. And the fact that it does so in just under three minutes makes it even more impressive.

The blades are perhaps the most impressive features of the Hamilton Beach. Featuring an “S” design, these stainless steel marvels can mix, chop, shred, and puree pretty much everything, save for really thick clumps of dough. The reversible action further adds to the unit’s efficiency, and gives it abilities that you would normally expect only from higher-priced units.

Is the Hamilton Beach 70725A the most powerful food processor you can buy? Hardly. But for the price, you get an extremely capable and versatile unit that punches well above its weight. You will certainly get a lot more power from a couple of other models in this roundup, but definitely not at this price point.

The 10 Best Food Processor for Dough Kneading

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY for dough kneading

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is a powerful food processor with a generously-sized work bowl. These two qualities alone make it ideally-suited for kneading dough. But the large feed tube, the stainless steel blades, and single touch operation will no doubt convince you of its suitability for that particular task.

But the DFP-14BCNY can do more than just knead dough. Its superb combo of power and features make it capable of pretty much any blending, mixing, or chopping task–even those that you wouldn’t normally use a food processor for.

Of course, the DFP-14BCNY also offers the trademark durability that is the Cuisinart brand’s stock in trade. This is one food processor that is built to last, which is apparent every time you turn it on and put it to use.

Design, Specs, and Usability

Right out of the box, the DFP-14BCNY comes with most everything you need to process any food, ingredient, or combination thereof. Along with the stainless-steel slicing disc that you will likely use the most, you also get a shredding disc, and a versatile and useful chopping blade. With these cutting attachments, you could do everything from slicing to chopping, and even dough kneading.

The DFP-14BCNY is obviously designed for big jobs, as made apparent by the generously-sized work bowl. Seeing as you could accommodate even large amounts of dough in the bowl, you will be glad to know that the DFP-14BCNY’s 750-watt motor is more than capable of kneading jobs that would make lesser spec’d food processors buckle.

What others are saying

Given the DFP-14BCNY’s impressive specs, few users were surprised at its ability to knead dough without as much as a hiccup. Users found it especially effective at kneading pizza dough, mixing it up to a smooth consistency. In contrast to other food processors that simply pick up the dough and drag it around the work bowl, the DFP-14BCNY actually cuts through the denseness with ease, blending the ingredients into a smooth and even mix.

Users also found the pulse control useful for dough kneading. This particular feature enables users to maintain control over the process, preventing over kneading.


The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is an excellent food processor any way you look at it. Powerful, capable, and efficient, it can easily take the place of other more specialized pieces of kitchen equipment. The fact that it is so reasonably-priced makes it an even better choice.

See price @ Amazon

Hamilton Beach 70725A

Hamilton Beach 70725A for dough kneading

The Hamilton Beach 70725A for dough kneading is a deceptively simple food processor that nevertheless packs a respectable degree of power and flexibility. Assembly is as easy and as straightforward as possible, with absolutely no twisting or locking required. Even if you have never used a food processor before, you will likely be able to get up to speed within minutes after unpacking this unit.

And get up to speed you will. With a 450-watt motor, the 70725A isn’t the most powerful food processor in this lineup. But it is more than capable of cutting through most ingredients with ease, even dough that you wouldn’t normally think to place in a food processor. And with an assortment of cutting attachments, you get a surprisingly versatile unit that delivers consistently high quality results.

Design, Specs, and Usability

The 70725A’s 450-watt motor may not seem especially impressive, but it is surprisingly capable for most tasks. Combined with the dual speed setting and the pulse control, the 70725A can plow through most ingredients with ease, although it may struggle a bit with dense dough.

The easy assembly is perhaps one of the 70725A best qualities. The work bowl stacks and snaps into place easily, without having to twist it around to lock it in. This makes for a secure and snug fit that doesn’t leave you wondering whether or not ingredients are going to come flying out the seams.

What others are saying

Users who bought the Hamilton Beach 70725A with modest expectations were pleasantly surprised to find out how capable it actually is. Some have found it to be an effective tool for churning butter, blending mayonnaise, and even kneading dough. The motor did struggle a bit with dense globs of dough, which necessitated the use of the handy pulse control.

Less viscous ingredients proved to be well within the capabilities of the 70725A, which was able to process pasta dough in just a little over three minutes. Most users achieved similarly excellent results with a variety of other ingredients, although the unit did get a bit loud on occasion.


At the price the Hamilton Beach 70725A is going for, it’s pretty hard to find fault with the unit. In terms of performance and capabilities, it definitely delivers more than what you would expect given the price. If you are looking for a budget food processor that can handle a variety of ingredients–and even dough–definitely give this one a closer look.

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Breville BFP660SIL

Breville BFP660SIL for dough kneading

The Breville BFP660SIL is billed as a “sous chef” food processor, but it is actually a lot more versatile than the phrase would suggest. Although it does a great job at mincing and mixing ingredients that your typical sous chef might employ, the BFP660SIL also kneads dough like a champ. You could therefore use this unit to chop herbs and slice up vegetables one day, and mix up a batch of bread dough the next.

Through it all, the Breville handles each and every task with ease and efficiency. The induction motor makes short work of processing most any ingredient you could care to throw in its suitably large bowl, with consistent results every time.

Design, Specs, and Usability

At the heart of the Breville BFP660SIL is a powerful induction motor that is as heavy-duty as they come. It features direct drive control that gives it cutting, mixing and kneading abilities that most food processors could only dream of. Furthermore, it has built-in overload protection that keeps it from failing when pressed to do excessively demanding jobs.

Large feed chutes are always welcome, but the Breville does the competition two better by including a 2 ¾” medium feed chute and a 1 ½” mini chute along with the 5” chute. Add to that the micro-serrated blade system and the adjustable slicing disc, and the Breville BFP660SIL can pretty much handle anything.

What others are saying

Quite a few longtime food processor users are noticeable impressed with the power and capabilities of the Breville BFP660SIL. One particular user that has been using various types of food processors for decades lauded the unit’s powerful motor that can mix up dough without a hitch. The adjustable slicing blade also scored major points with this particular user, as did the heavy base that ensured a secure hold on the countertop.

Other users were won over by the versatility of the unit, citing its usefulness for blending and mixing tasks. For many users, the Breville adequately takes on the role of several pieces of kitchen equipment.


The Breville BFP660SIL for dough kneading is a capable and versatile unit that pretty much does it all–and does it well. Like many other Breville food processors, it does cost quite a bit more than the competition. But given the power and functionality that it provides, you might just find the cost to be worth it.

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Oster Pro 1200 Blender & Food Processor

Oster Pro 1200 for dough

Looking for a two-in-one unit that works equally well as a blender and food processor? The Oster Pro 1200 for dough kneading is right up your alley. One of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment you could ever come across, it could conceivably take the place of other pieces of equipment. With this unit alone, you could whip up a wide array of foods and ingredients that would normally require a few different dedicated pieces.

The “1200” in the name refers to the Oster Pro’s motor, which cranks out a very respectable 1200 watts of power. With this much power on tap, the range of tasks you could perform with this device is only limited by your imagination.

Design, Specs, and Usability

Like most users, the powerful motor is probably what initially drew you to the Oster Pro 1200, so let’s get that out of the way before anything else. This is a powerful one indeed, and its rating places it well above the competition as far as sheer brute force is concerned.

Of course, the Oster Pro is more than just about power, which is a good thing. For tasks such as kneading dough, you don’t necessarily want a food processor that will simply plow through the dense mass with extreme prejudice. With three pre-programmed Smart Settings and seven manual speeds, the Oster’s awesome power can be reined in as needed, ensuring that you never over-knead your dough.

What others are saying

As expected, the Oster Pro’s power is what impressed users the most. It truly is hard not be impressed with 1200 watts under the hood, which many users put to good use processing a wide array of ingredients. From frozen fruit to dough, the 1200 handles it all with the ease and efficiency of the high performance unit that it is.

Some users did find the high speed settings excessive for kneading dough. But dialing it back solved that problem, causing many to adjust their initial opinion as to the versatility of the unit.


If raw brute force is your primary criteria when shopping for a food processor, the Oster Pro 1200 simply can’t help but satisfy. Surprisingly, it handles more delicate tasks quite well too, although this is one model that is obviously designed for powerful performance.

See price @ Amazon

Braun FP3020

Braun FP3020 for dough kneading

“Versatility” appears to be the Braun FP3020’s biggest draw, which should make it appeal to those that wanting a bit more functionality from their food processors. Unlike other models that seem to specialize only in mincing ingredients to submission, the Braun is actually quite capable of even subtle mixing tasks.

If all this seems to suggest a food processor that isn’t up to the task of kneading dough–don’t worry. The Braun FP3020 definitely has power to spare, with a 600-watt motor that can crank out 900 watts when pushed to the limit. This range should give you enough grunt to muscle through even thick dough.

Design, Specs, and Usability

Power is what most users look for in a food processor and the Braun FP3020 certainly delivers on that score. The 600-watt motor is rough and ready for most takers, processing fruits, vegetables, and dry ingredients without a whimper. And if you need more power for kneading dough and other equally demanding ingredients, it can even be pushed to 900 watts for short bursts.

The seven blade attachments definitely add a lot of functionality to the unit, but the variable speed adjustment is what bread makers will likely appreciate the most. Combined with the pulse mode, these settings enable you to knead dough without processing the gluten to bits.

What others are saying

Users found the Braun FP3020 to be a versatile and capable unit that handles most every ingredient with the ease and efficiency of a high performance kitchen tool. Some users did have to use it a few times before gaining facility, which is to be expected from such a versatile device. Once learning which attachments were best suited to particular tasks, users were able to unlock the power and potential of the FP3020.

Versatility is a selling point for most food processors, but few can compete with the Braun FP3020 on this score. From shredding to slicing and even mixing dough, the FP3020 does it all without any fuss and bother.


The Braun FP3020 for dough kneading is one of those rare food processors that promise much and actually deliver. A remarkably versatile unit that can even serve as a juicer in a pinch, this could be the only piece of kitchen equipment you will ever need for most food preparation jobs.

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Decen Food Processor

Tibek Food Processor

The Decen 12-cup multi-function food processor for dough kneading actually aims to make most any food preparation task quick, easy, and painless. Most every imaginable food processing job can be handled by this single unit, negating the need for specialized pieces of equipment. From cutting to chopping, even grating and pureeing, the Decen delivers results that rival dedicated kitchen equipment in terms of efficiency and performance.

The Decen even kneads dough effectively, which isn’t a task that one would normally use a food processor for. It is rare to get this much versatility from a unit at this price point, so you will definitely appreciate the Decen’s cost-effectiveness.

Design, Specs, and Usability

Right off the bat, the Decen impresses with its 600-watt motor that cuts through even the toughest ingredients. Although definitely powerful, 600 watts isn’t excessive for kneading dough, a task which relies on finesse just as much as it does on brute force. With the Decen, you get the power you need to knead dough, with the ability to dial it back when necessary.

Further adding to the unit’s versatility are the included attachments and accessories. Three slicing/shredding discs are included, along with a stainless steel blade, a bowl scraper, and a dough blade. The feed tube is wide enough to accommodate any ingredient you might want to process with these attachments as well.

What others are saying

For such a versatile unit, the Decen Food Processor seems to have endeared itself to users on the basis of its simplicity. The three speed settings plus pulse undoubtedly have a lot to do with this, as they provide a good range of processing functions without making the unit overly-complicated.

Those who routinely use the Decen to knead dough like the safety locks that hold the bowl securely in place. The base of the unit is also suitably wide with a reassuring weight to it, so the entire thing doesn’t move around even when working with thick and heavy dough.


The Decen Food Processor is an excellent mid-priced unit that delivers pretty much everything that you would expect from a food processor. If you are looking for a reasonably-priced food processor that can handle dough and a host of other ingredients, definitely put this one on your short list.

See price @ Amazon

KitchenAid KFP0722CU

KitchenAid KFP0722CU for dough kneading

Precision cutting isn’t exactly what food processors are known for, but that perception may just change if the KitchenAid KFP0722CU has anything to say about it. Fully capable of performing jobs that require considerable processing power, the KFP0722CU also excels at precision slicing worthy of an experienced sous chef.

Seven-cup capacity gives you enough room to handle even large amounts of ingredients, or a modest amount of dough for kneading. Ingredients can easily be added to the mix via the adjustable feed tube, which can be set to a large or narrow opening.

Design, Specs, and Usability

No matter what task you may require a food processor for, the KitchenAid KFP0722CU can accommodate. Blending and mixing are a given with this device, which handles these and similarly basic tasks with ease and efficiency.

Pushed close to its maximum capability, the KitchenAid KFP0722CU even does a good job of kneading dough. Although this probably isn’t what you would use the food processor for most of the time, you can rest assured knowing that it can be an effective bread making aid when the situation calls for it.

The real surprise is the precision cutting made possible by the ExactSlice system. Adjustable via an external lever, this feature enables you to cut fruits or vegetables as thick or thin as you want them.

What others are saying

One thing that many users have mentioned about the KitchenAid KFP0722CU is how easy it is to use. Even those that have never used a food processor before have gotten excellent results within minutes after powering the unit on.

The ExactSlice system is an especially welcome feature, giving the KFP0722CU a range of versatility that most wouldn’t expect from a food processor. Although not necessarily the first choice for dough kneading, many users that have tried it found the KFP0722CU more than up to the task.


The KitchenAid KFP0722CU for dough kneading is a powerful and versatile unit that is capable of so much more than your average food processor. You might find yourself struggling a bit with large amounts of dough, but it can certainly soldier through the task with judicious use of the pulse control.

See price @ Amazon

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

Ninja BL770 for dough kneading

Dough kneading isn’t exactly what food processors are known for. Although many models have motors powerful enough for the job, the problem is that many of them can actually be too powerful. This is definitely not the case with the Ninja BL770 for dough kneading, which can handle light to medium kneading tasks with minimal effort.

Please note that this is not the food processor you want if you plan on regularly processing large amounts of dough. The pitcher isn’t quite big enough, and you might have a bit of a struggle with large masses. For occasional kneading of modest amounts of dough however, the Ninja is more than capable.

Design, Specs, and Usability

According to the marketing copy, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System can do everything from blending frozen ingredients to juicing, and most every general food processing task. It certainly seems to be able to handle all those tasks, with the “Total Crushing Technology” that pulverizes ice in seconds.

Even fruits and vegetables are no match for the Ninja’s cutting mechanism, which slices and dices just as effectively as its katana-wielding namesakes. Suffice it to say that if general food processing is what you require, the Ninja BL770 could be the only piece of kitchen equipment you need.

Dough kneading is another story. The Ninja could theoretically be used for small kneading jobs, and the manufacturer claims that it is able to process two pounds of the stuff in half a minute. Considering that even more powerful units struggle with dough however, we aren’t quite sure that the Ninja will hold up to the constant strain.

What others are saying

Those that have firsthand experience with the Ninja BL770 seem to verify our suspicions. Many found the unit to be sufficiently powerful for cookie dough and cake batter, only to be letdown when kneading dough. As we suspected, the Ninja could handle basic mixing and blending jobs with ease, but it isn’t really suitable for heavy-duty dough kneading.

That being said, the Ninja is a decent enough food processor for more general tasks. Its compact size makes it appeal to owners with limited kitchen space, and it makes a pretty good juicer in a pinch.


The Ninja BL770 is an impressive enough unit that should satisfy the needs of those looking for a blender-food processor combo. Add in the juicing capability, and the unit looks like a pretty good deal for the price. If you plan on doing some heavy kneading dough however, it might be best to check out the other models on this page.

See price @ Amazon

Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville BFP800BSXL for dough kneading

The Breville BFP800BSXL for dough kneading is billed as a “sous chef food processor”, but it is really more than that. A slick and impressive-looking model finished in fetching “black sesame”, it is quite a capable and versatile unit that delivers more than its title would suggest.

Admittedly, the BFP800BSXL is quite pricey. Those looking for a budget food processor would be thoroughly justified in disregarding this model based on price alone. But a closer look at its features and capabilities reveals a full-featured and useful device that could handle most every kitchen-related task, including dough kneading.

Design, Specs, and Usability

The powerful motor definitely gives you an indication of where your money has gone if you do opt to purchase this unit. Pumping out 1200 watts of power, the Breville BFP800BSXL is one of the most powerful food processors in this roundup. The direct drive, high-torque design of its induction motor gives the BFP800BSXL the power to plow through even thick masses of dough just as easily as if it was butter.

The S-Blade system is central to the sheer processing ability of the BFP800BSXL. Two blade assemblies are included in the package: a universal S-Blade for the huge 16-cup bowl, and a smaller blade for the 2.5-cup bowl. You also get a variable slicing disc for precious cutting jobs and two chute options for maximum versatility.

What others are saying

The look and feel of the Breville BFP800BSXL is that of a state-of-the-art unit, a distinction that isn’t lost on many of its users. Many have remarked how the individual pieces fit so well together and how the entire unit has a solid heft to it. Even with its high price tag, the solid construction makes the Breville seem like a good deal for many of its users.

Overall, the BFP800BSXL scores points for its ease of use and low maintenance. Many found the bowl especially durable and easy to clean, although some did wish that it was dishwasher safe.


The Breville BFP800BSXL boasts of an impressive array of features that place it head and shoulders above most every other food processor on the market. The price may seem a bit much for those dead-set on a budget model, but if quality and performance are your top priorities, you might find the cost to be justifiable.

See price @ Amazon

Cuisinart FP-12DCN Elite Collection 2.0

Cuisinart FP-12DCN for dough kneading

This Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor comes with an elegant and stylish-look that offers a lot more in the way of performance than its looks would suggest. More than just a stylish kitchen accessory, the FP-12DCN can throw down with the best of them, delivering a superb blend of features and functionality.

Cuisinart has long been known for its quality kitchen appliances, and the FP-12DCN definitely lives up to the brand’s reputation. With its 12-cup capacity, you can process most any ingredient with room to spare, and even huge batches of dough aren’t a problem. Along with a powerful motor and a host of useful features and accessories, this could be the last food processor you will need in your kitchen.

Design, Specs, and Usability

Operating at 1,000 watts of peak power, the FP-12DCN’s motor can handle most every imaginable food processing task. The controls are as simple as they could possibly get, with three dedicated buttons for “on”, “off”, and “pulse” making up the entirety of the front panel controls.

The mixing vessel features a unique design in which a smaller 4-cup bowl is suspended over the larger 12-cup bowl. You therefore have the option to process small batches of ingredients or a large clump of dough if you wish.

The package comes with a stainless steel adjustable slicing disc, a stainless steel reversible shredding disc, and a dough blade. With these three implements, you could pretty much handle any food preparation job, including dough kneading.

What others are saying

Although the FP-12DCN for dough kneading has enough power for even demanding jobs, users were gratified to find it capable of kneading dough as well. Most other food processors were too powerful in comparison, but the Cuisinart provides just enough power to knead dough effectively without going overbroad.

The modest set of controls provides just enough options for users to put the unit to use effectively, without becoming overwhelmed with options. And with the wide-mouth feed tube and included accessories, most users found that the FP-12DCN provided a good balance between functionality, versatility, and ease of use.


The Cuisinart FP-12DCN packs a whole lot of punch for not a whole lot of money. Even with its modest set of controls, its features and functionality gives it performance capabilities that go beyond that of much pricier units.

See price @ Amazon

Final thoughts

There you have it: ten of the finest food processors available on the market today. With such a stellar collection of devices, we have no doubt that you will find one that is a perfect match for you.

Keep in mind that–as excellent as all these are–not every one of them is the perfect choice for kneading dough. General blending, mixing, and cutting tasks are well within the capabilities of all these units, but kneading dough does require a special set of features. Choose your food processor carefully, and you might just find yourself looking forward to mixing up your next batch of dough.


  1. Eric says:

    The Braun FP3010 (which is basically the same as FP 3020) is TERRIBLE for kneading! It leaves some dough inside the plastic rotator that got the 2 “hooks” (not easy to clean), and the heat coming from underneath the electrical motor it is ruining the yeast if you use this food-processor for over 10 minutes (I take a break every 5 minutes to avoid this)!

    My next food-processor will be one that got the electrical motor ABOVE the kneading-bowl

  2. Rob Janssen says:

    You list HB 70725a as a great processor for the buck and says it kneads dough. The manual says no and HB has no kneading attachment. How was review done?

    • Home & Kitchen Corner says:

      Hi Rob,

      You are correct that this is not a food processor for the specific purpose of kneading dough, but that it CAN knead dough. The research for this was done based on analyzing user review databases and customer testimonials. You can read some of the user testimonials on Amazon by searching for “dough” in the reviews section.

      However, there are several other option here in this list, and this one is not the only one. But we take every comment seriously and will be reviewing this guide for better products coming in the new year!

      Thanks for your input!

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