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12 Best Dining Table Sets

Best Dining Table Sets to BuyThe dining table is really the only place where family and friends gather to eat, chat, even work and study without the distraction of television.

Many also have a sentimental association with the dining table. And given that this seemingly simple and humble piece of furniture plays such an important role in the life of the home, it’s granted as essential to choose the best dining table set you can find.

Hence, we’ve taken the duty to find these dining tables and selected some great and safe choices from Amazon to consider. We’re super confident that your next dining table and dining table set may be lurking in the selection we’ve made here. Let’s dig in, then!

Best Dining Sets – Our top selections

As we all have different décor in our dining rooms, we have separated the categories into solid wood, glass top, and other materials.

Best Solid Wood Dining Table Set

We have chosen the WE Furniture 6-Piece Solid Wood Dining Set as our best dining table set in the solid wood category. It’s perfect for larger families. It can comfortably sit up to 8 people with the extensions fitted, or a standard of 6 people without them.

We especially liked the long bench that adds to the rustic charm of this piece. The deep mahogany coloring and solid construction make it an excellent choice for heavy usage.

The table top is treated so that it’s heat and water resistant. This means it’s tough and hard to damage. Its price point is rather good compared to smaller tables, and its size means you can eat, study and work all at the same time. You will need to devote extra space to this dining table set, but it is well worth it if you can.

Full list of the solid wood dining table sets here.

Best Glass Top Dining Table Set

For the best dining table set in the glass top category, we have chosen the Roundhill Furniture P051GY Kecco Gray 5-Piece Round Glass Top Counter Height Dining Set. This is after considering its unique design, and because the idea of a round table means less space than a rectangular one.

In practicality, it’s a cross between a dining table and a bar table. This is because it is just 36” high, rather than the standard 30”. The matching dining chairs are also higher to match.

The dining chairs themselves are very attractive. As you’ll see, they are designed for comfort, with full padding, and a curved back for better lumbar support.

The table top is tempered glass and fixed to the solid wood base for added safety. The dark gray matt coloring of the wood frame and chair legs is unusual, and yet they match the décor of most homes. For this reason, we consider this to be well suitable for anyone looking for glass table (which falls out of the “traditional” dining table set category).

Full list of glass top dining table sets.

Best Other Material Dining Table Set

Our choice for this category is the Tangkula 5 Piece Dining Table and Chairs Set Vintage Retro. This is because of its unusual, yet attractive metal work design. It looks like it could be in your dining room or in a little French bistro in Paris! The filigree work is on the dining table sides, as well as on the backs of the chairs above an elegant railing feature.

The chairs have a padded seat for extra comfort, and all the table and chair feet have pads so the metal does not scratch or damage your floors. This is a great feature some other metal tables don’t have, which certainly made it an important consideration for us.

It also has an amazingly low price for its quality. Buyers found it exceptionally easy to assemble, which is a great plus. And it’s ideal for small homes, even adding a rustic charm to your kitchen.

Full list of dining tables in other materials.

Top 12 Best Dining Sets to Buy

If the top selections didn’t suit your fancy, not to worry! There’s a total of 12 to mull over. Let’s take a look at the entire list, order by our category of Solid Wood, Glass, and Other Materials.

Solid Wood Dining Table Sets

East West Furniture 5-Piece Kitchen Nook Dining Table Set

See price & reviews @ Amazon

It’s pretty high-end in the price range, as it is made of high quality solid Asian hardwood, both the dining table and its four matching chairs. They are colored with stained in mahogany.

Design Features

This is a smaller dining table measuring 42” long, 32” wide, 29” high. But the included extension leaf increases the length to 54 inches so can be used for 6 seater and extra chairs can be purchased. The extension leaf slides into a compartment in the table for convenient storage.

You might be pleased to find that this is solid wood, with no veneers or laminates. The same is true of the stained hardwood chairs, with padded seats in a beige color.


  • Self-storing extension leaf
  • Solid wood, no laminates or veneer
  • Padded chairs
  • Heat and water resistant table top


  • Extension allows for 6 chairs but it is very cramped

Buyer Impressions

Most buyers who bought the table had smaller homes, or they bought it for their kitchens. Many were extremely happy with the quality of solid wood, as well as the attractive design. The general consensus of the reviewers felt it presented great value for money.

On the other hand, the table was easy to assemble, but some struggled with getting the chairs done.

Bottom Line

This is an ideal table for smaller spaces and, because it is solid wood, it is extremely tough and durable, no matter what is placed on top. The extension is helpful but does not really make it a full 6 seater.

WE Furniture 6-Piece Solid Wood Dining Set

See price & reviews @ Amazon

This rustic style long dining table is made of distressed solid Asian hardwood with a dark oak veneer. The set includes 4 matching chairs, as well as a solid wood bench, all made of solid wood.

Design Features

This is a long table, measuring 68” in length. It’s other dimensions are 38″ wide and 30” high. But with two extensions, you get an added 24 inches to the length. The extensions are added by extending the built-in supports and locking the leaves onto them.

The table top has been treated to be heat and water resistant. It has four solid wood chairs and a matching bench which sits another 3 people so can accommodate at least 7 if not 8 people. Extra chairs can be purchased separately.


  • Very long so can sit up to 8
  • Bench is an attractive and unusual feature
  • Solid wood
  • A heavy and durable table set
  • Heat and water resistant


  • Extensions need to be stored elsewhere

Buyer Impressions

Customers that took the time to write reviews were generally happy with the size of the table, point out that it’s provides excellent value for money. The extensions were extremely popular, as they add so much extra space. The bench in particular appears to be a favorite for children, quite naturally. The traditional look of the dining table certainly has helped it up in the popularity contest.

On the other hand, as it is a large piece, it takes two to assemble it. However, instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Bottom Line

At a similar price to 4 seater tables, this does offer excellent value for money and a lot of seating space. It is a solid piece of furniture that feels like it will have a long life which makes it one of the best dining table sets.

Aman Mid Century Natural Walnut Finished 5 Piece Wood Dining Set

See price & reviews @ Amazon

The Aman Mid Century dining set is a solid rubber wood set with a walnut colored veneer in a simple clean style. With this you’ll receive great value for money, with a price tag on the lower end of the price range.

Design Features

The dimensions of table 59” long, 36” wide, 30” high, and it comes with four matching chairs, with beige colored upholstered seat and back pad. The table top surface is heat, water and scratch resistant.


  • Simple and clean lines, match most décor
  • Low price range
  • Extra comfort from padded seats and back rest


  • No extensions

Buyer Impressions

Customers that took the time to review generally felt happy with the table set. The remarks tended to direct especially to the ease of assembly, with no need for any power tools. They were happy with the quality of the table and its sturdiness as well as the elegant design.

Bottom Line

Very much a lower priced dining table set, so if you’re on a budget this is one for you. It also offers great style for the money, so you’re skimping on that, that’s for sure. It’s the perfect size for a smaller home or as an additional surface in your kitchen.

Furniture of America Kathryn 9-Piece Classic Style Dining Table Set

See price & reviews @ Amazon

The Furniture of America is a traditional style dining table. It’s pretty large, and can be made even larger with an extension lead. A great table for large families. With it you get 8 matching chairs made of solid wood with, a wood veneer in dark walnut.

Design Features

As you can see from the image, and from the fact that you can seat 8 people at it, this is a large table. The dimensions measure in at 60” in length, 42” in width, 30” in height. As mentioned before, it extends to 78” in length, thanks to the 18” extension leaf. The wood is carved with a floral design on the sides of the table and chairs.


  • A large table suitable for a large family
  • Elegant design with decorative carving
  • Good price for the amount of seating


  • 300lbs in weight might make delivery difficult
  • Extension leaf is not self storing

Buyer Impressions

Many customers loved this product. They felt it was beautiful and very solid and strong, especially the chairs, which are large and comfortable, even for the heavier adults. Many also found it very easy to assemble but, because of its size, it cannot be assembled alone.

Bottom Line

A truly large and substantial dining set, this is ideal for larger gatherings. It can withstand heavy use as well, so is perfect for a large family, and will serve for perhaps generations to come. Its weight means you need to check how it can be carried into your home a single person will not be able to lift it.

Glass Top Dining Table Sets

Giantex 5 Piece Dining Set Table

See price & reviews @ Amazon

The Giantex is a modern style dining table set made from glass and silvered iron pipes. For a glass top dining table, it’s at the lowest end of the price range. So if you’re looking for something you can afford, but enjoy that modern style, this may be for you.

Design Features

A smaller table set, measuring 44” in length, 28” wide, and 30” high, this is suitable for small homes or kitchens.

The table is made from tempered glass and silvered iron pipes. The chairs are made from silvered iron pipes as well, with MDF seats. There is also a frame for a shelf under the table top but no shelf is provided.


  • Low price
  • Ideal for smaller homes or kitchens
  • Quick and easy to assemble


  • Seats have no padding
  • Supply your own second shelf if desired

Buyer Impressions

Customers who took the time to review the table were generally satisfied with the product, especially considering its low price. They found it very easy to assemble. On the other hand, some felt the chairs were uncomfortable and thus needed seat cushions needs to be purchased.

Bottom Line

This is a very basic and simple dining table set at an excellent price so it’s good for small homes and kitchens. It is in a very modern style so would suit younger buyers and students.

Roundhill Furniture Kecco Gray 5-Piece Round Glass Top

See price & reviews @ Amazon

As the name may seem to suggests, this is round dining table set. It’s in a contemporary style, as it has a tempered glass top and a gray finish to the solid wood frame, as is well suited for smaller dining areas.

Design Features

One of the first things to pay attention is the fact that it is taller than usual. This table measures in at 48” diameter and 36” high.

It comes with four high chairs made from solid wood with beige padded seats and fully padded slightly curved backs for added comfort. Extra chairs are available in sets of two.


  • Elegant contemporary design
  • Extra comfortable chairs
  • Bar type height
  • Mid price range
  • Round tables take less space than rectangular


  • The height may be an issue for some people

Buyer Impressions

Buyers were generally exceptionally happy with this product. Many felt it was one of the best dining sets available in a mid price range. For many, it was easy to assemble, and the finished product was extremely attractive addition in their homes. On the other hand, some had a problem with the smell of wood preservative, but this faded after the first day.

Bottom Line

With an extremely elegant design and the high bar-style to and chairs, this is one of the best dining table sets, especially if you have a smaller space where a round table makes more sense.

Bonnlo 5 Pieces Dining Set

See price & reviews @ Amazon

The Bonnlo is a modern style tempered glass top table. It’s received a black powder coat on a heavy duty steel frame making a great sturdy choice for smaller spaces. Added to that, this dining table set is at the lower end of the price range, making it a great value buy for buyers.

Design Features

This smaller sized table measures in att 47” long, 30” wide, 30” high. As standard with any set, it comes with four matching chairs. The seats are black faux leather, so no animals (or plants, for that matter!) were harmed in the making of this set :).


  • Curved chair backs for added comfort
  • Chair is fully faux leather covered
  • Low price range


  • Not genuine leather on chairs

Buyer Impressions

Many customers appreciated the low price and easy assembly of this product. They liked the fact that the glass is solid and heavy, and especially valued the fast and efficient customer service with response to assembly queries. On the other hand, some felt that it was a tight fit for four people and should have been a little longer to accommodate them.

Bottom Line

A basic dining table set for smaller homes, apartments, and couples, the Bonnlo is excellent value for money.

Ashley Charrell 5 Piece Glass Round Dining Set

See price & reviews @ Amazon

In the mid price range, this Ashley Charrel set is a round dining table set with a tempered glass top. But you get a little bit of tradition in your modern, with thanks to the dark brown solid wood veneered frame. It comes with four chairs, so this set is most suitable for smaller spaces.

Design Features

The table top is 45 inches in diameter and 30 inches tall. It comes with four chairs with dark brown solid wood frame and legs and a full ivory colored faux leather chair seat and back.

The table top glass has beveled edges and the frame has an inter-sectioned base.


  • Elegant contrast of dark brown frame against ivory chairs
  • Round table is more space efficient than rectangular
  • Chairs come ready assembled


  • Glass top rests on the frame, not fixed
  • Leather is not real

Buyer Impressions

Many customers found this set to be beautiful, solid and at a good price point. They especially liked the fact that the chairs are already assembled as these are often the hardest part to assemble. The table top is heavy so needs two people to carry.

Bottom Line

This is a small and classic style dining table set, so it will fit well into most homes. At the middle of the price range, it seems to be solid and durable and the contrasting chair color is an added touch for your décor.

Other Materials

Zinus Louis Modern Studio Collection Soho Dining Table

See price & reviews @ Amazon

If you’re looking for something a little different, that can fit in a medium sized space, and great modern design, take a look at this! The Soho is a modern and simple style beech wood grain veneered table top, with a white frame and two matching benches.

Design Features

The table measures 48” long, 30” wide, and 29” high. It’s made from sturdy steel that’s painted white. It comes with an MDF table top with a beech wood grain veneer.


  • The benches slide under the table when not in use
  • An additional chair can be placed at either end for extra seating
  • Low priced


  • No padding on benches

Buyer Impressions

Customers that took the time to leave reviews felt it was much stronger than they first thought. Many also liked that it was exceptionally easy to assemble, taking some as little as 15 minutes in total. Although it took a while to get used to eating on benches without a back, some seem to live the bench idea. Hence, if you’re getting this you’d probably like that idea in the first place. Also, the fact that the benches can be stored under the table after the meal giving extra floor space when needed.

Bottom Line

A low price, value for money, and compact dining table solution which is easy to assemble. Yet the solid and stable design makes it a good common sense buy if you’re interested in benches.

5 Piece Chic Dining Set-Table and 4 Chairs-White/Sage Finish

See price & reviews @ Amazon

Like the name suggests, this chic dining table set are for those looking for something that will match their particular decor.

Design Features

It measures 48” long, 30” wide, and 30” high, with classic straight lines. This dining set has a painted white solid rubber wood table and four sage green solid rubber wood chairs. The four chairs are in the same design but with a contrasting pale sage green color. The wood is painted in a gloss finish.


  • A low price for solid wood
  • Attractive contrasting colors
  • Solid and stable
  • Great to brighten up darker rooms


  • No padding on seats

Buyer Impressions

Many customers loved the light colors which helped them make smaller, darker places look less crowded. They felt the table was very sturdy and relatively easy to assemble with the use of an electric drill and that the set offers good value for money. Some others thought the chairs were too small for them.

Bottom Line

This is a light colored cheerful looking dining set which is small but solid and represents good value. However, the chairs are narrower than average, so they may not suitable for those who require larger seating space for comfortable seating.

Tangkula 5 Piece Dining Table and Chairs Set Vintage Retro

See price & reviews @ Amazon

The Tangkula dining table set is made from painted steel and a dark colored wood-look top. With the set comes 4 matching chairs, and is at the lower end of the price range, making it a value buy for many.

Design Features

The table measures 44” long, 28” wide, and 30” high. The table top is MDF veneered with a dark wood-look color and the chairs are matching black painted steel with cream colored seat pads and a rail feature in the back. The dining table also has some attractive metal filigree designs on the sides and the chairs have matching filigree on the top of the backs. Another great feature is that the table and chair legs have pads on their bottoms to prevent the steel scratching the floor. Something we’re sure you’d appreciate when it comes tiles.


  • Attractive piece with filigree work
  • Low price point
  • Steel frame makes it strong


  • Smaller size is not ideal for larger setting

Buyer Impressions

Customers reported being pretty satisfied with this dining table set, finding it quaint, charming and perfect for their smaller homes. They found it excellent value for money and very easy to assemble.

Bottom Line

The low price and nice design makes this is one of the better dining table sets in this guide. It has some unique design features that make it ideal for someone who likes their dining table to be just a little different.

O&K Furniture 5-Piece Dining Room Table Set

See price & reviews @ Amazon

This is a bar style dining table with four dining stools. It’s made from painted iron, and stained oak finished MDF. You’ll get premium quality and beautiful design, both at a reasonable prince since it sits in the mid price range for this category.

Design Features

The great table about the set, is that the table can be used as a dining table, breakfast bar or a drinks bar. It’s dimension are 44” long, 24” wide, and 30” high.

It has three 12 inch shelves for extra storage under one side but the stools fit easily into the remaining space.


  • Extra storage shelves
  • Multi purpose usage
  • Clever use of small space
  • Unusual design


  • No padding on stool seats
  • May be too small for some
  • The high seating position may take some getting used to

Buyer Impressions

Many buyers found it to be perfect for small spaces and use it for many different purposes. They found it took less than 45 minutes to assemble and was strong enough for purpose. Some found that it was a little small when trying to fit four large adults on the stools because of the extra shelves.

Bottom Line

Perfect for smaller spaces, this is a fun set which can be used for a multitude of functions and is light enough to be moved around easily as needed.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Dining Table Set

With such a huge variety to choose from, it certain can be difficult to know how to choose the best dining table set for your home, family, or eve just for yourself.

However, this selection process for you can be made easier by taking into consideration some things you should know.

We’ll take a look at some of the major features to look out for below.

Size and Space

Clearly, you cannot buy a table that is too large for the space you have. But don’t forget you need an additional space to be able to move around the table, pull out your chair and serve whilst people are seated.

This is usually estimated at 36 inches so you will have to add this to your size of your dining table.

Also, check the measurements of the chairs. Dining chairs are usually about 18 inches high from the floor to the seat and dining tables are approximately 30 inches high. So the combination allows for comfortable leg room.

Restaurant dining chairs average 18” in width but domestic chairs can go up to 22” for added comfort. When choosing your chairs, don’t just think about the size of your posterior but of possible visitors as well; anything smaller than 17” will be uncomfortable for even the smallest adult.

Number of Seats

Consider how many seats you need. A family of four might think that a four seater table is sufficient. But perhaps you entertain, so naturally, you may need a larger table.

On the other hand, a four seater table for a couple with no children would be sufficient.

Dining tables tend to come in 4, 6 and 8 seater although there are some small ones for 2 seats and some giant ones if you have a huge space.

Check to see if you can squeeze in a couple more chairs if you are entertaining.


Usually your dining table shape is decided by the shape of the space you have for it, whether in your dining room, living space or kitchen.

  • Rectangle

This is the most common shape for a dining table as you can usually fit 6 chairs around it. They should be a minimum of 36 inches deep to ensure that you can have two people facing each other as well as room for the food.

  • Oval

Oval dining tables give the impression of slightly more space because of the lack of corners but usually sit the same number of people as a rectangular one.

  • Square

Square dining tables are, of course, ideal for a square shaped space but they, like round dining tables, create a feeling of intimacy with equal space between all the diners. Many come with extension leaves so they can be elongated for extra guests.

  • Round

Round tables take the least space and create a feeling of intimacy. However, they are usually only four seaters because to sit more people, the diameter would have to be huge and you would lose that feeling of intimacy.


In this review, we categorized the tables into solid wood, glass top and other materials. The latter has a huge range of possible materials such as MDF, bamboo, marble, laminate, concrete, tile, chrome, steel, iron and so on.

Table Tops

There are also many reasons for choosing the material such as design, color, durability, heat resistance, cleaning abilities etc.

Be sure to base your choice on the practical as well as the aesthetic. If you have children and/or plan to use the table on a daily basis, you should chose a more durable table top than if you were planning just to use the table occasionally.

Also, some materials are not as heat resistant as others, such as veneer and laminate. So you will have to use heat resistant mats while serving hot food. If you cannot be bothered with the mats, choose a tile, marble or even concrete table top.


The frame should be sturdy enough to support the weight of the table top, as well as all the food, pots, pans, crockery and elbows resting on it. Frames usually come in solid wood, veneer or laminated wood, steel or iron. Be aware that, when choosing steel or iron, if the frame is hollow, it will be less strong that you might think.


The frame of the chairs usually matches the frame of the dining tables. Some chairs have no padding, some have padded seats and some have padded seats and backs. You can always add your own pads if you like, but, if you plan to sit for a long time, you might want to consider buying fully padded chairs.

Chair pads can be of fabric, leather or faux leather. Make sure they are easily cleanable (such as leather or faux) so messes can be wiped away.


Dining tables can come with some extra features, such as:

  • Extension Leaf

This is a really important feature when choosing the best dining table set for your home. Most of us really do not have giant dining rooms where we can install an 8 seater table and not worry about space. Extensions leaves, either inserted in the middle of the table, added to the ends or as foldable extensions, give extra space when needed and can be removed when floor space is important.

Some leaves have self-storage inside the table whereas others will need to be stored elsewhere.

In many cases, extension leaves can add 2 or even 4 seating spaces to your table.

  • Shelving or Storage

Some tables, especially smaller tables designed for studios or even kitchens, have shelves underneath or even cabinets in the middle. If you’re choosing one of these, make sure you can still fit your chairs with guests underneath the table comfortably.

  • Warranty and Care

Most tables bought from reputable retailers or well known websites offer a one year warranty on the table and chair structure but not on damages to surfaces through improper use.

Good care of your table should ensure a long life. Good care means avoiding placing very hot substances, caustic liquids or rough based pots and pans on your table top. Use heat resistant mats whenever possible.

Also, be aware that, the more you move your table around, the more likely the joints are to weaken and you might need to tighten the screws or add glue after a while.

  • Pricing

Once you have considered all of the above, you can look at the prices on the market. Prices are normally dictated by materials and quality of finish. That said, don’t expect to get a solid mahogany 8 seater dining set, when your budget says all you can afford is a tubular steel with laminated MDF 4 seater.

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