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Best Affordable Stand Mixer under $100*

*this is the typical price you’ll get at most places, but may be subject to change at Amazon.

Best Affordable Stand Mixer under 100Most kitchen experts know that a good stand mixer can cost you a sizeable chunk of cash…

But there are quite a few models that provide excellent performance and proven capability for not a whole lot of money.

So if you are looking for the best affordable stand mixer under $100, this list is as good as any to find the perfect one!

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What You Should Know About Budget Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are among the most powerful and most efficient pieces of kitchen equipment you can own. Those with fairly modest mixing requirements should find handheld mixers to be sufficient for their needs. But if you are ready to get serious and step up your mixing game, there is no getting around the need to invest in a stand mixer eventually.

The question that this brings up is: which one? With so many different makes and models of stand mixers out there (several from the same manufacturer), how do you know that you’re getting the features that you need? Just as importantly, how do you ensure that you will be getting your money’s worth from what could be a fairly costly investment?

We have put together a comprehensive lineup of some of the finest budget stand mixers available on the market today, each of which could well be the perfect model for you. We have pored through dozens of spec sheets, browsed manufacturers’ ad copies, and perused scores of user reviews in pulling together the list that we present here. We are fairly confident that we have gathered together some of the best models available under $100, so you pretty much can’t go wrong regardless of which one you choose.

That being said, there are a few important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a stand mixer, many of which will affect your enjoyment of your purchase.

Do you like Wikipedia definitions? Check out what they have to say about stand mixers (then get back here!)

Power and Performance

First and foremost are power and performance. At the very least, you will want a mixer that can handle thick and viscous dough with the same ease with which it handles thin liquids. Power is of course one of the main reasons to go for a stand mixer in the first place. Without it, you might as well keep on using your trusty old handheld model.


Efficiency is another important concern. Longtime users of stand mixers are well familiar with the tendency of ingredients to be pushed to the sides of the bowl when mixing, due to the sheer power of the spinning mechanism. Some of the best mixers get around this issue by incorporating a revolving motion with the spinning action. This greatly enhances the efficiency of the unit, making mixing tasks go smoother and quicker.


It is also worth looking into the accessories included with the mixer. A good set of mixing attachments is always nice to have, but don’t be misled into paying for things you will never use. Instead of paying for a host of esoteric attachments and accessories, you might be better served by a basic package centered on a unit that is proven to provide reliable performance.

What’s The Best Stand Mixer under $100*?

*this is the typical price you’ll get at most places, but may be subject to change at Amazon.

Our top picks for best affordable stand mixers under $100 are the Hamilton Beach 63325 and the Sunbeam FPSBHS0302. Both models provide pretty amazing value for the money. In fact, you could probably choose either one at random, and end up with a fine stand mixer that you will be proud to have in your arsenal.

Hamilton Beach 63325
The Hamilton Beach 63325

The Hamilton Beach 63325 is a fully-featured model brimming with all the qualities that have made Hamilton Beach such a respected brand in the kitchen equipment industry. It comes equipped with a 300-watt motor that even the most demanding users will find sufficiently powerful for most mixing and blending tasks. This is in fact a large part of the 63325’s appeal, and you could easily rely on it for most of your mixing needs.

Like a few of Hamilton Beach’s other mixers, the 63325 features the company’s much-touted “planetary mixing action”, which the company is understandably proud of. This feature essentially rotates the mixing attachment while it spins, so you can simply follow the insides of the bowl to get all the ingredients mixed together. This is especially impressive during actual use. You will find that not having to stop and scrape ingredients off the sides of the bowl will greatly speed up your work and improve efficiency.

The 63325’s six speed settings add considerably to the unit’s efficiency as well. There is more than enough power on hand if you need to crank the mixer up a notch, but the ability to dial down the mixing speed as needed is also a welcome benefit. Equally capable at cutting through dense and thick bread dough as it is at whipping egg whites into a delicate froth, the Hamilton Beach 63325 is one of the brand’s finest offerings.

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302
The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302

The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 is no less impressive. This is a good example of the fairly-recent trend toward more versatile kitchen aids, and it definitely helps make food preparation a lot easier and more fun.

The unit combines the power and capability of a state-of-the-art stand mixer with the convenience and easy handling of a handheld mixer. It might seem like a fairly obvious design feature to be sure, but it certainly enhances the versatility of the FPSBHS0301. Put into action, there is an almost limitless array of mixing and blending tasks that you can perform with this dual-function design. In fact, it might even change the way you look at mixing entirely.

Cranking out 250 watts of power at peak performance, the FPSBHS0301 isn’t the most powerful stand mixer around. But the power that it does have is put to good use, and you aren’t likely to feel that you are missing out if your needs are fairly basic. If you do need an extra bit of push for more difficult jobs, you should be able to squeeze out a bit more performance from the “burst of power” switch.

If the above choices do not satisfy you, no fret! Check out the top 10 just below!

10 Best Stand Mixers for under $100* [street price]

*this is the typical price you’ll get at most places, but may be subject to change at Amazon.

Hamilton Beach 63390

Hamilton Beach 63390The Hamilton Beach 63390 is one of several affordable stand mixers designed for hands-free mixing. Capable of processing a wide variety of foods and ingredients, it can handle thick and sticky dough just as easily as it could handle egg whites. You could therefore prepare a variety of dishes with this single piece of equipment alone.

Hamilton Beach is known for its innovation in the area of kitchen equipment, and the 63390 definitely lives up to the brand’s reputation. Features such as the planetary mixing action, the seven speed options, and the nonslip feet make for a versatile and functional unit that will be an invaluable addition to your kitchen.

Design, Specs, and Usability

The aforementioned planetary mixing action should be familiar to users of the celebrated KitchenAid stand mixers. This is the perfect solution for those that hate having to stop the mixer and scrape the dough of the sides of the bowl. With a mixing head that rotates along the interior of the bowl as it spins, mixing tasks become a lot faster and more efficient.

The effectiveness of the 63390 could also be attributed to the 300-watt motor, which is powerful enough for most uses. Even whipping up a batch of dough for bread is not a problem, and lighter ingredients can be processed even more efficiently.

What others are saying

Among the features that users of the 63390 appreciate the most is the planetary mixing action, which is pretty revolutionary as far as stand mixers go. Users especially like being able to mix continuously without having to stop and start the motor, which greatly speeds up mixing chores.

The ability to lock down the mixer head also earned the unit considerable praise. Users that have been disappointed with other models are pretty impressed at how efficient the 63390 is due to this feature.

The 63390 proved to be especially effective for kneading dry ingredients for bread making. With this unit, users found that there was no need to resort to hand kneading when finishing up dough preparation.


The 63390 boasts of the rugged construction and innovative features that have characterized the Hamilton Beach brand for all these years. Providing exceptional value and flawless performance, it is unsurprisingly one of the most highly-regarded stand mixers around. For serious tasks requiring a serious mixer, this model definitely deserves a close look.

see actual price @ Amazon

Hamilton Beach 63325

Hamilton Beach 63325The Hamilton Beach 63325 is an affordable stand mixer that aims to bring a superb mixing experience to home kitchens everywhere with this capable and versatile model. Able to handle a wide variety of ingredients with equal efficiency, it can be used for thick dough one minute and eggs and milk the next. With a motor powerful enough to whip anything into a smooth and creamy consistency, it will prove to be an indispensable part of your array of kitchen tools.

The 63325 comes with a wealth of features that make it so much more than your average mixer. Despite the impressive technology underneath, it remains simple and straightforward to use.

Design, Specs, and Usability

A hands-free mixing experience is what the 63325 promises, and it delivers all that and more with its impressive blend of form and functionality. The 300-watt motor gives you enough power to whip through even the most viscous ingredients with ease, greatly speeding up food preparation.

This motor drives the mixer’s planetary mixing action, which rotates the mixing head around the bowl’s interior as its spins. This effectively scrapes off any ingredients that have stuck to the bowl, so you don’t have to stop and do it manually.The 63325 has six speed settings, including a fold setting that you will find especially useful for mixing batter. Features such as the non-slip feet and splatter shield further ensure a satisfactory mixing experience.

What others are saying

The Hamilton Beach 63325 seems to be a popular choice among users that have long wanted to invest in a stand mixer, but have held off because of the cost. This particular model has won over many users with its winning combination of features and functionality, which is made even more impressive by the very reasonable price tag.

Former users of handheld mixers seem especially impressed with the power and capabilities of the 63325.  The solid build and robust construction certainly seems to inspire confidence, and many would never go back to the handheld way of mixing.


The Hamilton Beach 63325 is a great starter unit for those new to stand mixers, and the price makes it an even better deal. This could reasonably tide you over for the next several years though, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself relying on it exclusively for all your mixing needs.

see actual price @ Amazon

Sunbeam 2594 MixMaster

Sunbeam 2594 MixMasterThe Sunbeam 2594 MixMaster is a powerful yet easy-to-use affordable stand mixer that delivers excellent performance at an attractive price. The specially-designed motor whips through the thickest and stickiest ingredients with ease, and there are 12 settings for a range of different tasks. You could easily use this for mixing up batter and get the same smooth and even consistency as you would when mixing raw eggs or milk.

Splatters are no longer a problem with the MixMaster’s soft start technology. This makes the motor accelerate to the desired speed gradually, which is especially useful at higher settings.

Design, Specs, and Usability

With 350-watts of mixing power, the Sunbeam 2594 can plow through most any ingredient efficiently. The aforementioned soft start technology does a great job of minimizing splatters, but power users will definitely appreciate having that much power on tap.

For particularly heavy jobs, the MixMaster has a “burst-of-power” setting that does exactly what it suggests. If you have ever wished that your mixer had just a little bit more grunt to push through thick batter, this feature is for you.

The motor itself delivers three-way mixing action that effectively blends all your ingredients together. Working in conjunction with the off-center bowl positioning, this ensures that none of your ingredients are left out of the mix.

What others are saying

For many users, the Sunbeam 2594 MixMaster has proven to be an efficient and versatile device that has taken the place of a lot of kitchen equipment. Capable of whipping egg whites to a frothy cream within seconds, users have found it to be equally effective at mixing up batter.

Some users did find it necessary to thin out their batter a bit with some water. In general however, the MixMaster has exhibited impressive versatility and power in various applications.

More than a few users have also reported being very satisfied with Sunbeam’s excellent customer service. One user who ordered extra whisks and bowls was especially gratified at the support staff’s efforts to ensure that she received the right items.


For the price that you could get the Sunbeam 2594 MixMaster for, it’s practically a no-brainer. Sure there are bigger, better, and more fully-featured stand mixers out there, but you would almost certainly have to pay an arm and a leg for them. As it is, the MixMaster packs a whole lot of punch for not a lot of coin.

see actual price @ Amazon

Hamilton Beach 64651

Hamilton Beach 64650 stand mixerThe Hamilton Beach 64651 is an affordable stand mixer that offers the trademark quality and reliability that the brand is known for in a very affordable package. As inexpensive as this model is, it is actually quite capable and versatile, handling most mixing tasks with ease. It could actually be considered two tools in one, combining the power of a stand mixer with the convenience and ease of use of a hand mixer.

This dual function enables you to perform tasks that most mixers could only dream of. The stand mixer is the obvious choice for kneading sticky dough for making bread. You can then quickly detach the hand mixer from the base and whip up other, less viscous ingredients.

Design, Specs, and Usability

With a respectable 250 watts of peak power, the 64651 can pretty much handle most mixing tasks in the average home kitchen. Stability is never a problem with the unit’s bowl rest stabilizer, which ensures a steady and secure hold even when the action gets hot and heavy.

Six speed settings are provided, and there is even a QuickBurst function that gives you that extra bit of push for demanding jobs. But perhaps the most attractive feature of the unit is how it can be utilized as both a stand mixer and a handheld mixer. This two-in-one capability gives the 64651 unparalleled versatility, and you could reasonably expect to do all your mixing chores with this single device from this point on.

What others are saying

Users of the Hamilton Beach 64651 seem pleasantly surprised at the versatility of the unit. For those that have long wanted to upgrade to a stand mixer, this has proven to be an excellent ‘transitional’ unit that performs both standalone and handheld functions with equal capability.

The good variety of attachments that come with the 64651 further enhanced its value for many users. With beaters, whisks, and dough hooks included with the package, users found that they were able to perform a wide range of mixing, kneading, and blending tasks.

One user did find the dough hook to be less than efficient when actually used for mixing cookie dough. Nevertheless, it does provide some benefit for other tasks, making it a welcome addition to the included selection of accessories.


The Hamilton Beach 64651 is quite possibly the best inexpensive stand mixer you can buy. Despite its budget price tag, it is capable of pretty impressive performance, and it even has features that you won’t find in pricier models. If you have long had a stand mixer in your sights, definitely take a close look at this one.

see actual price @ Amazon

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302

Sunbeam FPSBHS0302The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 offers the convenience of a handheld mixer with the power and functionality of an affordable stand mixer.

This particular model has already been out on the market for several few years now.

But it remains a useful and versatile unit that should find a welcome spot in any modern kitchen.

And with its decently spec’d motor, five speed settings, and good selection of accessories, it will continue to be an essential kitchen aid for a long time to come.

Design, Specs, and Usability

Users that need the power of a good stand mixer and yet still need a handheld mixer for lighter tasks will appreciate the versatility of the Sunbeam FPSBHS0302. With its dual-function design, you could use it as a stand mixer for mixing up thick and sticky bread dough, then detach the hand mixer from the base when you need to whip up egg whites for frosting.

The motor is powerful for most mixing jobs, cranking out 250 watts of peak performance. Five speed settings are provided, so you could pretty much handle any type of ingredient or combination thereof. There is even a “burst of power” switch that can be activated at any setting, giving you a good performance boost when needed.

What others are saying

Users that have been wanting to switch over to a stand mixer after using a hand mixer for years find this to be an excellent middle ground. In terms of capability and function, the Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 is a truly versatile unit that handles both roles with elegance and efficiency.

Surprisingly, some users have actually found the handheld function to be more effective when the dough becomes too thick to handle. One particular user starts the batch with the stand mixer function, switching over to the handheld operation to finish off. This type of functionality has definitely earned the FPSBHS0301 its share of devotees, many of whom prefer this model to other types of mixers.


The Sunbeam FPSBHS0302 is still one of the best deals going around in the stand mixers market today. Other models have come and gone, but the FPSBHS0301 continues to be a viable unit that will find use in any home kitchen for a long time to come.

see actual price @ Amazon

Ovente SM880R

Ovente SM880RThe Ovente SM880R is an affordable stand mixer that is billed as a “professional stand mixer”, which should give you a good idea as to its performance and capabilities. It certainly looks attractive enough, with a slick red exterior and a retro-minimalist design.

The SM880R’s price doesn’t seem to indicate a unit that is capable of better performance than your average stand mixer. But a closer look reveals a pretty impressive unit that might just pack enough of a punch to hang with the big guys. And with its decent specs and good range of features, we might have just unearthed one of the best-kept secrets in the stand mixer world.

Design, Specs, and Usability

With 300 watts of peak power under the hood, the SM880R seems to have enough juice to merit its “professional” designation. This is generally considered to be sufficient for most tasks, as proven by numerous other similarly-rated stand mixers. In actual use, the SM880R does handle everything from mixing to beating and kneading with equal efficiency, and results seem pretty consistent.

Six speed settings allow you to create anything from salad dressings to frosting, and even bread dough. There is also a good range of accessories that come as part of the package, leaving no doubt as to the versatility of the unit.

What others are saying

Users of the Ovente SM880R like how the unit packs an impressive amount of power in a convenient and handy design. Amazingly lightweight, it has earned it share of fans due to the durability of its construction.

Users also like the rotating base that greatly enhances the unit’s efficiency. Stand mixers are generally known for their stability, but this particular feature makes the SM880R even easier to use than most other models.

Some users did miss having slower speed settings such as the ‘stir’ option found in other stand mixers. The SM880R also suffers from the common issue of pushing the ingredients to the sides of the bowl, making it necessary to scrape them off before proceeding.


The Ovente SM880R is quite an impressive stand mixer that is made even more attractive by its affordable price tag. There are certainly many more capable mixers out there, and quite a few that win out in terms of features. Nevertheless, the SM880R’s excellent performance and undeniable value make it a worthy contender in the stand mixer arena.

see actual price @ Amazon

Dash Stand Mixer

Dash Stand MixerThe Dash Stand Mixer is an affordable stand mixer that is convenient and handy. As a unit, it has a charming retro-tech design. With its slick exterior (available in a range of colors) accented by chrome trimming, it looks more like a 1950s kitchen accessory than any serious equipment that one would use in a modern kitchen.

Nevertheless, a closer look at the Dash reveals a powerful and surprisingly capable unit that delivers superb performance. Best of all, it is priced a lot more affordably than most, making it a great starter piece for anyone who is looking to move up to a stand mixer.

Design, Specs, and Usability

At only 12.5” tall and weighing in at just under five pounds, the Dash Stand Mixer is a pretty lightweight and compact unit that doesn’t take up a lot of countertop or shelf space. This makes it a great choice for those that want a stand mixer, but don’t have the space for a full-sized unit that occupies half the kitchen.

Despite its modest dimensions, the Dash Stand Mixer is surprisingly capable, with enough power for even the most demanding mixing jobs. The highly-efficient motor cranks out 250-watts of power at peak performance, and can be set to any of six speeds.

What others are saying

Users of the Dash Stand Mixer seem to be pleasantly surprised at how such a quaint-looking device could be so capable. With its 1950s-inspired art-deco look, the Dash does seem to be more of a hipster conversation piece than any serious piece of kitchen equipment. But as many users have found out, it is more than capable of handling a wide variety of tasks, including whipping eggs into custard, blending dry ingredients, and kneading dough.

Some users did find the head tilt a bit more difficult to manage as compared to other stand mixers. Overall however, most considered the Dash to be an excellent and easy-to-use unit that is a great choice for those new to stand mixers.


The Dash Stand Mixer is a simple yet capable stand mixer that will be sufficient for those with modest needs. It’s not going to win any awards for strength, sheer power, or durability to be sure. But you could reasonably expect it to provide many years of service before you start thinking of upgrading.

see actual price @ Amazon

Cheftronic Stand Mixer

Cheftronic Stand MixerThe Cheftronic is a high-performance affordable stand mixer with a powerful motor and a host of innovative features. Able to knead even sizeable chunks of bread dough without a hitch, it is also versatile enough for a multitude of other tasks that require less power and a more delicate approach.

Under the hood is a 350-watt motor that should be sufficient for even the most demanding mixing work. Although powerful enough to knead though efficiently, it can be dialed down for slower speeds via the six-speed control. The Cheftronic also comes with a good selection of accessories, further adding to its versatility.

Design, Specs, and Usability

The 350-watt motor is undoubtedly the Cheftronic’s most appealing feature. Anyone who is looking for a stand mixer powerful enough for most home kitchen tasks likely won’t be disappointed.

But there is so much more to the Cheftronic than sheer power. The six-speed control adds considerable versatility, enabling users to process ingredients that don’t require quite as much brute force.

The accessory set should also make the Cheftronic appeal to those that want to use their stand mixers for more than just kneading huge chunks of dough. With a flat beater, a dough hook, and a wire whip included in the package, you could just as easily use this for mixing up cake batter as you would for making salad dressings.

What others are saying

As expected, the sheer power of the Cheftronic’s 350-watt motor is what endeared the unit to users the most. Users reported being able to handle thick cookie and bread dough with the same ease and efficiency as most mixers would be able to whip raw eggs. For most users, the Cheftronic has more than enough power to spare.

Users also found the unit amazingly lightweight, which is even more impressive given its power and capabilities. Light in weight but not in features, the Cheftronic delivers performance that exceeded most users’ expectations.

Some users did complain about the tendency of the black coating on the mixing attachment to come off over time. Depending on how much use your unit gets, this may or may not be a significant issue.


All things considered, the Cheftronic Stand Mixer is a pretty impressive unit for the price that you pay. The few complaints about the black coating peeling off from the mixer attachment might prove to be an issue, so keep that in mind if you are considering purchasing this unit.

see actual price @ Amazon

Hamilton Beach 63391

Hamilton Beach 63391From one of the most renowned names in the kitchen equipment industry comes this affordable stand mixer that promises reliable hands-free mixing in a convenient and handy package. Hamilton Beach is known the world over for its excellent line of kitchen equipment, and the Hamilton Beach 63391 does its part in upholding the company’s reputation admirably.

With its forbidding black exterior and spartan design, the 63391 looks every bit the serious piece of kitchen equipment that it is. Despite its sheer power and capabilities however, it remains remarkably easy-to-use. In fact, you could conceivably pull it out of the box and put it to good use within minutes, even without prior experience with a stand mixer.

Design, Specs, and Usability

Like a number of other Hamilton Beach models, the 63391 boasts of the same mixing action as the revered line of KitchenAid stand mixers. It is actually a lot more efficient than most 2-beater stand mixers in actual operation, and you will find that it makes even the most demanding tasks almost fun in comparison.

The 63391 also has the trademark tilt-up head design that greatly simplifies the process of adding in other ingredients to the mix. This feature also enables you to change attachments within seconds.

Hamilton Beach takes great pride in the complete bowl coverage of its stand mixers, and rightly so. Truly hands-free mixing can be achieved with absolutely no scraping necessary, so kitchen work can be accomplished a lot more efficiently.

What others are saying

Although the Hamilton Beach 63391 has been compared favorably to the famous KitchenAid line of mixers, it is actually considered by many to be the superior unit. Many users especially appreciate having similar power and functionality as a KitchenAid at less than half the price.

The plastic construction did cast some doubt as to the durability of the 63391. After putting it through its paces however, most found that it was just as durable and hardwearing as metal-encased stand mixers. The seams are also noticeably tight, which further increased user confidence in its ability to withstand heavy usage.


The Hamilton Beach 63391 is one of the best stand mixers that you could buy for the money. In fact, you could reasonably expect to spend a lot more for a similarly spec’d unit, and still not get the equivalent performance and capabilities. Invest in the 63391, and you can be sure that your stand mixer will last you a good long time.

see actual price @ Amazon

Costway Tilt Head Stand Mixer

Costway Tilt Head Stand MixerThe Costway Tilt Head is a powerful affordable stand mixer that should impress even the most jaded kitchen experts. Equipped with a very capable 550-watt motor, it is by far the most powerful stand mixer in its class.

So much more than just about sheer power, the Costway also offers hands-free operation that greatly improves handling and efficiency. The power is there when you need it of course, and the six speed settings enable you to harness all that impressive power effectively.

But the Costway does all that and is easy to use besides, making it a great choice for those new to stand mixers as well as power users.

Design, Specs, and Usability

The Costway Tilt Head Stand Mixer boasts of an absolute wealth of features that should appeal to those looking for something more than your average stand mixer. The tilt-head mechanism gives you easy access to the bowl, so you can quickly add in any other ingredients to the mix or change attachments as needed.

This particular feature will definitely come in handy, as the package comes with a mixer blade, a dough hook, and a whisk. There is even a detachable splash guard that you will find essential for preparing ingredients for baking.

Keeping the unit securely in place are convenient anti-slip silicone suction cups. With these features, even the most demanding mixing tasks become an absolute pleasure.

What others are saying

The Costway Tilt Head Stand Mixer is a relatively new device, but it has already gained its share of fans. Many are drawn to the unit’s world-class features, and the many included accessories simply make it an even better deal.

Of course, the power of the motor is what many users are understandably most impressed with. Rated at 550 watts, the motor gives users the ability to knead even the stickiest dough just as easily as whipping eggs and milk…which the Costway also does splendidly.

Other users had good things to say about the unit’s weight and dimensions. Although it is often compared to much higher-priced KitchenAid models, many actually find this to be the superior option.


The Costway Tilt Head Stand Mixer is more than just a great mixer for the price. It is actually one of the most capable stand mixers you can buy regardless of cost. It is very reasonably-priced however, and you will definitely appreciate the power and performance that you will get in return.

see actual price @ Amazon

Final thoughts

With so many excellent stand mixers out there, it can be quite a challenge to pick the one that is right for you. As you can see, this particular niche of kitchen equipment certainly isn’t lacking in options. Hopefully, this rundown has made it easier for you to make a decision.

When it comes down to it, durability and functionality are the two most important concerns when shopping for a stand mixer. The good news is that all these units deliver on those points, so you really can’t go wrong regardless of which one you choose. So take your pick and enjoy using your new stand mixer!

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